Mad love
Crazed stares
Please share
Eyeing those hips
From afar
Like ships in the night
And meeting like this
We are
You so ripe
Me so willing
So giving
Gracing a page
Our minds
Memories won’t be
Won’t be denied
Those hips
again and again
The soft sensuous lips
A bliss
A willing
Vintage song
Summer breeze
Feeling free
Under Jamaican sun
Having so much fun
Laying side-by-side
Magical carpet ride
Sharing rum spice
Two straws and
A wink
Playing footsie
On the sand
By the sea
Blending as one
Colors of world
Rainbow Hues
And being with

– Tony Tocaa

All rights reserved. Poems may not be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, including photocopying, recording, or by any
information storage and retrieval system, without the permission of A.Camacho Jr. or [email protected]

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