The looking Glass

Desolate thoughts
and counting crows
specks of light spread across
across a bridge so far
the darkened sky
red white blue
neon lites
sparkle for the few left
hanging out in Spanish Harlem that very night
looking through the window of lost souls
I cry laugh and rejoice
see what you saw in me
and what I couldn’t see in
images of yesterday
entombed in our hearts
minds seeking outlets
through an opening that wasn’t there
seeing mirror images of myself the fellas
the girls what a world what a time
what a life we jitterbugged
around the concrete jungle
the streets showing off our colors galore
our names of lore shown on those white walls
girls for show carmen, shorty, Brenda lee too
on the other side chino,Tony Jap, yo here comes
bozo the bass..the lords we were.. we sang from
stoop to
stoop rooftop to rooftop harmonizing to the
singing into the darkness on this stage we call
way back in 1959
sharing the windows of yesteryear
friends of yesterday
mirror images
of oneself …..


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