The Raven

The Raven

Moon celestial red
In Erie fog filled bog
Where hundreds of grey
bones lying in wait
Oozing blood curdling cries
Risking fears in the eyes
In ones fathers eloping
Into the blackness
no judgment here
Fears are embraced
Hell awaits gazing through
The fiery cavernous hole
The hunched Raven stands
Alone atop of deadwood
Wings outstretched
The Sentinel
with eyes wide open
Stands gothic form
Night of dread has commenced
The living dead are sommoned
Ravens cawin laughter seals his fate
Raven oh Raven where is my daddy
I shaunt look for him
just want to know where he lies
I won’t be bringing any flowers
Raven,its best be forgotten
Hell is no place for mere mortals
Only for raven and that forgotten


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